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Oyster House Access Statement


We offer bed and breakfast accommodation in a relaxed and friendly environment. We have two guest bedrooms set in the courtyard with their own private entrances. The courtyard rooms on the ground floor and, although not wheelchair accessible, are suitable for guests with limited mobility and have been given a mobility 1 grading by the Tourist Board under their National Accessibility Scheme. The rooms are tastefully and carefully furnished and equipped to provide the comfort and attractive surroundings that all our guests expect.

With our disabled or elderly guests in mind we aim to enhance the comfort of your stay by offering the following facilities and services...

Pre arrival

Guests may be asked if they have any special requirements at the time of booking.

Arrival & Car Parking

The parking space closest to the courtyard will be allocated to a disabled guest.

The parking area is flat and gravelled. The path to the rooms is paved with flower beds and lawn on either side. The distance from car park to room is approx 30m.

Assistance with luggage is offered on arrival and departure.


Guests are escorted directly to their room and can fill in a registration card in their room at their leisure or help can be given in required.

An explanation of all facilities and the layout of the premises will be given and the emergency evacuation procedure discussed.

An additional room key can be provided.

An information book in the bedroom is printed in large type.

The owner has attended a 'Welcome All' training course.


Door opens directly onto paved and lawned area of the courtyard. Height of threshold is 15cm. Grab rail on external wall.

Twin beds (height 54cm) can be linked together to make a large double if preferred.

Arm chair, remote control TV and cordless kettle are all provided.

Lights above beds can be operated by pull cord.

All rooms are no smoking.

An emergency call bell is provided to elderly and disabled guests travelling alone or when other members of their party are in another room.

En suite bathroom

Bath (height 54cm) with shower over it and slip resistant surface.

The shower is easy to operate with large on/off button and a lever dial to adjust temperature.

A bath bench can be placed in position especially for your stay to aid getting in and out of the bath if needed.

Bath and basin have lever taps.

Grab rails are fitted horizontally (20cm) above the bath and vertically beside the shower fitting and between the toilet and wash basin.

A toilet frame (height 67cm, internal width 50cm) can be put in place for your visit to aid sitting and standing.

The toilet seat height is 43cm or can be raised to 46cm with the use of a temporary seat raiser.

Non slip flooring has been fitted.

Breakfast Room

Situated in the main farmhouse, approx 15m from the courtyard rooms by way of a paved and bricked path. Door threshold is 15cm high.

There is a grab rail on the external wall.

An armchair can be provided.

Breakfast can be served to your table instead of a buffet.

We will do our best to assist with any special dietary requirements.

A fridge and microwave for guests' use is available, but cannot be accessed at night or if the owners are out.

Gardens and grounds

Smoking is allowed out of doors.

There are wooden benches, tables and chairs in the courtyard area and garden benches dotted around the main lawn area.

The grounds are mainly lawn or rough grass, depending on season, with large flower beds.

There are no steps to negotiate and no dangerous water features. A large duck pond at the top of the orchard area is fully fenced. For further information please contact us